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Air Conditioning Installation Preparations for Summer

Getting ready for the summer with a new air conditioning installation can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve lived with your previous AC for many years and this is the first time you’ve had to schedule a replacement job. Even though installation is a large task, most of the responsibility won’t fall on you if you make sure you have the right HVAC contractor handling the work.

When you’re looking for the right team to handle your air conditioning installation in Woodbury, NJ, come to SPS Mechanical Inc. We have a staff of NATE-certified technicians who can deliver the quality, speed, and professionalism that will make the job smooth from the first step to last.

Here are a few ways we suggest you prepare for new AC installation for the summer.

Take the time to choose the best system

You shouldn’t simply settle for any air conditioner that’s in your price range, nor should you pick out the unit with the highest SEER (efficiency rating) and decide that’s all that matters. There are many factors involved in selecting the right unit: it needs to be the right size to cool down your whole house but not waste energy; it should have an efficiency that will deliver you savings without costing too much upfront to install; and it should have features that you need and will use. Your installation professionals will help you with this part of the job: listen to their advice and you will end up with the system that will do what you need it to do.

Consider a heat pump

You might decide to replace the AC with a heat pump, which works much like an air conditioner except it can switch the direction that it moves heat and work as a heater in the winter. Heat pumps have many advantages—but they don’t work for every home, so consult with your installers about whether a heat pump is a good investment or not.

Enroll in a maintenance program

This is a way to grant yourself peace of mind. A maintenance program delivers yearly inspections and tune-ups that will keep away repairs, maintain the system’s efficiency, and extend its lifespan. What better way to secure your initial investment than by joining a program that will help you get the most from it? Maintenance programs often have discounts for repairs as well other perks.

At SPS Mechanical Inc., we have an excellent installation team that will help you select the best system, size it, and then install it so you will have years of problem-free cooling. We also have a maintenance program that delivers two tune-ups a year (the second is for your heater), 15% discounts on our flat-rate services, and you’ll never pay for overtime.

Make your air conditioning service in Woodbury, NJ a pleasure and not a pain: call SPS Mechanical Inc. to get started.

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