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AC Installation Is an Exciting Opportunity!

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught in the numbers. A new air conditioner costs how much? Why are air conditioners getting so expensive? This is a sentiment we completely understand, and it’s why we’ve devoted a whole blog post to inform you about installing air conditioning in West Deptford.

When you’re ready to take a step towards a new AC system and you’ve done preparations, it can be an exciting time. Air conditioners are more expensive these days, but that’s because they’re just that much more efficient and convenient than they used to be.

The time of the old window AC unit is over. And central air conditioning systems might not cut it for some homeowners. Keep reading to learn more about the different systems we install, and how this exciting opportunity can help you learn about the comfort and savings in your own home!

3 AC Priorities to Focus on

When you’re shopping for a new air conditioner, there are three things in the 21st century that should be priorities: efficiency, convenience, and price. Each air conditioning system will provide a benefit in one of these categories, and it’s vital that you evaluate your home for which priorities are the most important.

Down below, we’ll go into which systems fit which priorities. When you’ve decided that one of those priorities ranks higher than the others, you might be interested to hear what we have to say about it.


Efficiency levels are expressed in the “SEER” rating of your prospective air conditioner. Simply put, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner or heat pump. But what exactly does efficiency mean?

An efficient air conditioner will cool your home down at an incredibly minimal cost of energy. As AC systems get more high-tech, they get better at cooling the area of a home without needing as much electricity as older models.

Think about a ductless mini split system, or at least an inverter central air conditioner if you’re looking for an efficient system. These units often have very high SEER ratings and can provide variable cooling levels to save you money on your energy bills.


Sure, you could go the whole summer without an air conditioner, but that sounds incredibly inconvenient. Convenience is a measurement that should absolutely be taken into consideration when deciding which AC is right for you.

Heat pumps are very convenient because they work as both heating and cooling systems. Ductless mini splits are also convenient because older and smaller homes might not have space for ductwork, so you can avoid duct services altogether!


Last, but definitely not least, is the price of the system. You don’t want to buy an air conditioner you can’t afford. These days, central air conditioners are some of the most affordable cooling systems on the market, and they work remarkably well. If you’re looking to save on the initial price and get your home cooled off quickly, this is your best bet.

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