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4 Culprits of Rising Air Conditioning Costs

ac-surrounded-by-moneyWhen air conditioning costs start rising, homeowners tend to assume the usual suspects:

  • My kids were playing with the thermostat again
  • I kept lowering the AC and told myself I’d regret it
  • Global warming

Surprisingly, most homeowners tend to blame themselves rather than the HVAC system. Today, we’re here to tell you that it might not just be you—there actually might be something very wrong with your AC system! It might be time for air conditioning repair in Deptford Township.

Not all AC problems make themselves known, so it can certainly be a possibility even if you haven’t noticed any strange behavior from the system.

Here are 4 possible reasons behind your AC troubles:

1. Dirty Air Filter

The air filter is the rectangle made of cardboard and mesh fibers that blocks contaminants from getting into your air conditioner. The air filter can prevent several air conditioner problems from developing and is one of the most important pieces of the HVAC system.

At the same time, the air filter, itself, can become a problem and create several air conditioning problems if it isn’t replaced regularly. A dirty air filter will collect so much dust that it makes airflow through the filter very difficult.

Before a dirty air filter can wreak too much havoc on your home, the first thing it will do is start to raise your cooling cost. This is because air is not able to flow freely through the system, therefore making it take longer to cool your home.

2. Leaky Ducts

If you’re using a central air conditioning system or a ducted heat pump, then you’re at risk for leaky ducts.

Duct leaks don’t happen too often, but they happen much more in older duct systems. The problem is that many homes were built with ducts to begin with, meaning your ducts could be just as old as the house. If you haven’t had your ducts inspected before, now is as good a time as any.

Duct leaks can account for nearly 30% of air loss in the ducts, including the air you spent precious money to have cooled.

3. Leaking Refrigerant

This is a different kind of leak, and one that is even more serious.

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner, and it flows back and forth through the system. It’s a necessary ingredient in the cooling process.

If the refrigerant line develops a leak, that leak can gradually expand and waste more and more refrigerant. Not only will this diminish your AC’s cooling capabilities, it can also cause serious damage to the compressor—and that is not a cheap part to replace.

4. System Needs Replacement

If your AC is over 10 years old, frequently needs repairs, and is always driving up the cooling costs… Well, it might be time to get a new system altogether.

A system that’s too old will not be able to benefit much from another repair or tune-up. Instead of wasting money on these services, it might be better just to have the system replaced completely.

If your AC costs keep rising, ask a professional for help! Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. today. Comfort At Your Service.

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