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3 Signs Your AC Is Malfunctioning

What is your major malfunction? No, we don’t mean you as a person, we mean your air conditioner! A malfunctioning air conditioning system is more likely than not going to cause problems as time goes on. From parts bumping into each other and compounding issues, to problems ruining the efficiency of your system, there are a whole slew of reasons why it’s important to have problems diagnosed and addressed.

We’re the ones on the case! We diagnose air conditioner issues all the time and find the most cost-effective solutions for homeowners in our area. When it comes to air conditioning repair in Deptford Township, we’re the ones you can reliably call to find the root of your problem.

So, are you experiencing one of these three major malfunctions? If so, call us and let us do what we do best—fix them!

Sign #1: Low Cooling Output

Your air conditioner has one main purpose: to cool your home. If it fails doing that, then why have one in the first place? This is the first and most important sign that your air conditioner is malfunctioning. If it doesn’t keep your home cool, then there’s something wrong that needs to be addressed.

This could be occurring from a variety of different things. Your system could be leaking refrigerant which makes it less able to produce the cooled air you require. The air filter could be clogged, leading to a slow and steady stifling of the system, cutting down its efficacy and making your home feel hotter. There could even be a mechanical problem with the compressor, or a series of blocked air vents. Basically, any of these problems could be affecting the system, and it’s up to a trained professional to get to the bottom of it!

Sign #2: High Energy Bills

You know the SEER rating that was listed on your system when you purchased it? This is the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, a number that tells you how efficient a system should be running when it cools your home. In some locations, anything below a 13 or a 14 SEER rating is so inefficient, it’s borderline illegal!

Your air conditioner should be able to cool your home affordably, full stop. If it doesn’t, and you’re seeing a steady increase in energy bills that are anywhere from obnoxious to budget-breaking, then you need to get this problem addressed as soon as possible. A malfunctioning air conditioner usually has trouble cooling air efficiently and must consume more energy to do the job. Have this problem changed today!

Sign #3: Uncomfortable Noises

Let’s say your air conditioner has been running quietly for a few years and suddenly starts making a banging noise. Before you go back to sleep and believe that this is just the new normal for your AC’s operation, keep reading.

New or uncomfortable noises are usually a good sign something is wrong with your AC. Aside from a couple clicking noises and the sound of air gently wafting in from the vents, an air conditioner should never make any obnoxious noises. Call a professional to have these noises addressed and repaired!

The team at SPS Mechanical Inc. has your back. Call us today! Comfort at your service.

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