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3 Common Customer Frustrations

We’re not the typical HVAC contractor in our area. While yes, we provide all of the necessary services that air conditioning service providers do, we don’t have the attitudes that a lot of other companies might. For starters, we’re a local team that considers itself part of the community, which means we’ll always be on the side of consumers. We’ve got friends, neighbors, and family in this area, so we’ll always provide air conditioning repair in Sewell, NJ at affordable rates with great results.

That’s why we’d like to take today to address some problems with the HVAC industry, and what our team is doing to alleviate them. While many of these issues don’t come directly from us, we’re constantly asked about them from homeowners who are concerned. Encountering problems with amateur service technicians and having a botched installation can be extremely frustrating to a homeowner.

So, let’s talk about these frustrations, and how we can help!

1. “Professional HVAC Services Are Too Expensive!”

We completely understand this sentiment. When homeowners compare the price of premier, professional AC repair to that of a local amateur in the neighborhood, the difference can be striking. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Professional air conditioning repairs aren’t just about getting higher-quality services. While that is what you get in the long run, there are two additional aspects that add to the cost of doing business with a better team.

  1. We pay our team livable wages. As a local team, it can be hard to compete with larger corporations that provide sub-par services. One way we stay true to our core values is by paying our technicians wages that give them the drive to do great work and stay on our team.
  2. There are additional costs of poor service. With amateur service, you might be calling for repairs more often than you would with us. Professional AC repairs mean you’re getting a long-term solution and technicians that target the root of the problem.

2. “Nothing Is Worse Than a Botched Installation”

We get that homeowners can feel trapped when encountering an AC that was poorly installed. After all, you weren’t the one who installed it, so why should you be responsible for it?

A lot of factors can lead to an AC being poorly installed, and it’s important that you take a deep breath and evaluate your path forward. This is a great opportunity to start fresh with a new team that you can trust, and a system that might end up being more efficient and effective at cooling your home!

3. When to Differentiate the Need for Repairs vs. Replacement

This is a tricky one because it can lead to homeowners being frustrated and concerned. Everyone wants to repair their system until the last possible moment, but the truth is that this isn’t a good solution. Air conditioners can really start to go downhill after 10 years of service, and you might even encounter an expensive repair that’s just not worth it.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If your AC needs repairs that cost half or more of the cost of a replacement, then repairs are almost always a bad option. At that point, call our team to explore a new system.

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